In Solidarity We Trust

Compassion is the radicalism of our time.  — The Dalai Lama

Good day everyone!

  Great news! This upcoming week we will be releasing what foundation we will be putting all of our support behind to help fight COVID-19. In solidarity with all of the front line workers, scientists working to form a vaccine and those kind neighbors that ask you if you need anything, we say thank you.  Front line workers are our heroes. We can't thank them enough, and our family has just been in awe of how strong these men and women are in caring for our loved ones. Working day and night, away from their families and in situations that put their health directly at risk, we owe them all of our gratitude.  In solidarity with the frontline workers the WHO is working with the United Nations and UNICEF to bring relief to the front line workers around the world. This fund is called the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO, and on May 5th, they had a giving Tuesday where they encouraged everyone to give thanks to a health worker or hero, to give love to their family, friends, and neighbors, and support the fund.  I encourage all of you to do this every day! I know that I have a few friends and family friends working with all of their hearts in our Montreal hospitals right now.  While we focus on our own homes, it is paramount to think of others who are not as fortunate as us who don’t have access to amazing frontline workers and medical equipment. This is why I want to bring up the foundation called Grand Challenge Canada Innovators, where all of the funds go to inventing and supplying developing countries with medical relief, whether it be ventilators, medical oxygen masks, and more.  With all that in mind, we are so excited to share with you our new support for a foundation next week. We will be telling you about why we choose to support that particular foundation and what it means to us.  For now, this is all, thank you again for showing such support and love to us and those around you.  I encourage all of you to have a giving Tuesday attitude every day and thank one of our many heroes for making a change today.  Love

Emma, from the adore mask family (All information was gathered from,, and

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