Our launching party

Join us in a sneak peek of our first stages during our grand debut. Everyone is welcome and pjamas are recommended.

Hello everyone!

I am the other 17 year old girl of the house, and have been tasked with reporting our launching experience. 

We are beyond excited to be sharing these very first days with you in the launch of our adoremask. We have had a whirlwind of activity on our end, and we wanted to include you too. So come on in, take a step into our little family workshop and make yourselves comfortable. 

You can imagine, last night we all held our breath as we sat around the kitchen table, finger hovering over the launch button. That was it, the final moment before it all came true.

The instant feedback and activity on our site was astounding. We had people calling in front, right and center, asking for our new Emma mask. We stayed up until 2am (with our glasses on of course), sowing and delivering to our Hudson supporters. Just this morning we are out of stock of our Richard mask for men and Lola for women. 

But have no fear! We have the family working double time to create more and new masks to be ready presto! Right now we have just released the new George mask and it’s already a huge hit. We have split to divide and conquer: dad and brother are on biking delivery expeditions, mom is on the sewing machine, and sister is creating the beautiful thank you cards for all of you who have supported us so far. 

Thank you so much for joining us in our little workshop today. We are so happy to have you! 

Unfortunately I must get back to work now, duty calls! 

We hope that our product is putting a smile on everyone's face, we know it has put one on ours. 

Please don't forget to keep your head held high and keep protecting yourself so others stay safe too.


Yours truly,

the adoremask family

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