Spring time

“Blossom by blossom the spring begins.”  — Algernon Charles Swinburne

Hi there everyone, I would firstly like to say that we are beyond thankful for all of the massive love and support we have been receiving this past week. This is beyond our wildest dreams, so thank you. We would also like to thank all of the support from the news channel TVA for recognizing our just little dream of a family business and giving us a voice to be able to connect with all of you. This first week has been incredible, it has involved many late nights and early mornings, both with the permanent fixture of a full coffee mug in our hands. Dad is on customer service and practically sleeps with his phone, I wouldn't be surprised if he says "adore mask bonjour" in his sleep. Sister has also been working extremely hard to spread kindness through our online customer service. We are so excited to see the positive feedback and all the love that is springing up. This brings me to what I have been personally excited to share with all of you. Even though this April has been having a little of an identity crisis, the trees and plants have started budding! Now more than ever, when the world feels like it has stopped on its axis, we need to stop and listen too. This isolation is hard because, like me, I'm sure some of you run fast-paced lives and don't really have time to stop and smell the roses. Well now is our chance! Just the other day my sister and I were taking a stroll in the crisp morning, and it felt absolutely magical. Without the overhead grumbling of airplanes or the echoing sound of the morning trains, it is utterly serene in our little town. We are so lucky to be surrounded by such lush nature. Spring is my favorite season because of what it represents: life. All around us baby birds are waiting with their beaks open for momma birds to return with breakfast, and the trees all have little green buds poking out of their grey branches. This is a time where I step outside and take a big deep breath in and out because, in a time like this, it is so important to stop for a minute and smell the roses. I encourage each and every one of you to take just a minute out of your day, walk outside, look around, and notice three things of nature that you find beautiful and inspiring. This appreciation of what we still have is so vital to us keeping our spirits high. All the warmth and peace, Love,

Emma from the adore mask family.

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